The Month in Review: July 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

All 31 days of July condensed into one blog post.

Jon and I celebrated our first Fourth of July in our home and as newlyweds. We even displayed Old Glory out for all our neighbors and guests to see.

I DIY'd some welcoming art for our entryway and Jon finished painting our living room even though he lacked motivation

Poseidon got hit by a bike and had a bath, not sure which he hated more. He also creeped us out on a walk!

Thankfully he's still cute. Especially when he wants early morning cuddles. 

We purchased a console table and functionally decorated it. Our backyard got a mini and free makeover.

I got the Man Cave ready for guests and we celebrated a friend's wedding with our house guests.

I also failed miserably at my first sewing attempt. Really glad I didn't document that!

We celebrated Father's day a little late with my family at Universal Studios. My dad's favorite was the Simpson's ride.

Pssst... if you want to more of us in July check out my Instagram feed and our monthly roundup of our funniest moments!

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