Forgotten Fridays: Copycat Bathroom Art

Thursday, August 29, 2013

So this is another one of those things I meant to post but never got around to it... and yes, I know today is Thursday. I meant to post this last week but I got too excited by the hallway's paint job. And I apologize in the advance for the cell phone photos. 

I recently added a bud vase (on clearance for $4!) with a fake succulent ($2 at Hobby Lobby) to our half bath. Originally I had on old vase that I had painted white perched on the sink but I never put anything in it. I had wanted to out a fake flower of some kind in there since I forget to water real plants. After (eight!) months of halfhearted searching I found this bud vase and added the succulent. I think the color and shape look way better than the old version and I really like the pop of green.>

Anyway this reminded me that I had meant months ago to post about the DIY art piece I made for this room but never did. Better late than never, right?

When we tackled the downstairs half bath we purchased a few frames to hang. We couldn't find enough (cheap) framed art so I decided to make something instead. I found this pin and thought it looked pretty easy to recreate.

Obviously I didn't follow the instructions to the letter but overall I don't think it turned out that bad. First I painted the canvas a soft khaki. Once that was dry I used a paint pen to draw the lines. I was actually really nervous to do this part but I figured I could paint over any huge errors.

Then I made the dots. I picked a several colors (in retrospect I'd only use 5 colors or shades of colors) that I thought would look good together and dotted away. I did go back and add dots where I thought it looked empty or a color was too concentrated. I also added branches if that area appeared a little sparse.

Here's the original next to my version.

This probably won't hang in our home forever but its a not bad for a temporary fix.

P.S. You can read all about our half bath makeover here.

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