The Goal

Our Long & Ambitious To Do List
Someone once asked me why we would buy a house that needed so much work? Wouldn't it have been easier to get a home that had everything done already? Well, yes, BUT those houses were a lot more money than we willing to spend at the time. Wedding Planning +  First Home = Super Stretched Budget. And we would miss all the fun. The decorating is the BEST part.

Our first weekend in the house we sat down and made a list of the things we wanted to do around here. Its a long list that lives on our fridge (and now here).

Behold our To Do List! Its big but so are our dreams for the place.

To Do & Upgrade
  • Get New Air Conditioner
  • Stove (because the 70's are over)
  • Mounted Microwave
  • New Dishwasher
  • Master Bath
    • Retile Shower & Floors
    • Add Another Sink
  • Customize Closets (more for me than Jon)
  • New Flooring Throughout (hardwood please!)
  • Baseboards (since ours are tiles stuck to the wall)
  • Add Crown Molding
  • Replace Stair Treads & Railings
  • Reface & Customize Kitchen Cabinets
  • New Kitchen Countertop
  • Add a Kitchen Backsplash
  • Replace Kitchen Sink
  • New Kitchen Faucet
  • New Vanity, Sink & Mirror in Master Bath
  • Cover the Open Patio in the Backyard
  • Add Green Space in the Back
  • Epoxy or Stain Garage Floor
  • Create/Rearrange New Shelves in Garage
  • Install a Cabinet above the Washer & Dryer
  • Add a Door Casing to the Dining Room
  • Shutters
  • Add Ceiling Fan in Master Bedroom
  • Install New Sliding Glass Door
Need to Buy
To Decorate & Makeover

Did you get tired just reading it? Us too. 

We know that we probably won't get through everything before we move. It would be a miracle if we did. But when we do get something done, its so rewarding to cross it off the list!

And... obviously there are a ton of other little things I come up with and add to the list! 

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  1. New husband
    New brown dog
    New patio
    New grill
    a Maid!


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