Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

As some of you may have seen on Facebook and Instagram Jonathan and I having been watching our nephew, Poseidon.

Isn't he cute? Here's another because he's adorable.

The first weekend he stayed with us it was obvious someone needed a bath (ahem Poseidon, "God of the Sea"). Jon took one whiff and said "you need a bath little buddy." I reminded him that one of our previous guests (Heidi, that's you!) had complained that the water was cold in the guest bath. Jonathan tested the water out and sure enough, it was still coming out ice cold.

So, on a weekend where he said he wasn't going to do anything house related, Jon had to fix the water temperature for our furry little nephew. I only got a couple of photos because it was really boring to watch, I was in the way and I wanted to play with Poseidon.

Who could resist this face over bathroom knob repair stuff? Not I.

Jonathan removed the knob and water spout. He looked inside the wall. And did more stuff that looked impressive from where I was sitting.

In the end he found that the hot and cold knobs were switched. Thanks again previous homeowner! Please note that was meant to be read in your head in a sarcastic tone.

Finally, the three of us gathered in the guest bath to get Operation Clean Dog underway. Obviously Poseidon did not like his bath. Not impressive for the supposed ruler of the ocean. Jon ended up doing the cleaning and I bribed him to sit with lots of treats. The treats only worked for a tiny bit. He would take the treat, sit and after 3 seconds try to climb out. Once we were done I dried him off and then we took him outside to finishing drying in the sun. Then he napped because baths are exhausting when you're a dog.

Jon's happy Poseidon is smelling better, I'm happy our future guests can have warm baths and Poseidon's happy we gave him lots of treats.

And yes I know I've included more photos of Poseidon than the actual project. He's way cuter that bath tub knobs.


  1. Replies
    1. Because he is a bundle of love. Mixed with some of our seestor.

    2. That's the cutest thing you've ever written.

  2. Give an iPhone to Poseidon! Let's see if he gets ELECT ro CUTE d!



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