I Can Paint All By Myself

Monday, August 19, 2013

Friday I DIY it and started to paint the hallway myself.

This was a big deal at the Stubblefield house since normally I wait for Jon to do it. Not only does he have a lot of practice he has such attention to detail that my painting skills completely pale in comparison. He actually told me once that I'm not allowed to paint since I don't really care if its not perfect. Is a little paint on the ceiling really that bad? Not to me. Jon feels differently and that's why he does the painting around here. But sometimes I can't wait for Jon...

I had been wanting the hallway painted for a while now but Jon hadn't had a change to get to it. I actually wanted it to be done before our guests arrived but we've both super busy. I finally got tired of looking at the stark dingy white walls and decided to get to it without Jon's help. Friday was the perfect day since I'm off work and have the place to myself.

I decided to start by our bedroom and our linen closet. Ideally I would have started where we had left off from the entryway but the ceilings are super high and I don't do ladders. Its a small space so I thought it would go by fast and I figured if I messed up it won't be so noticeable. 

I cleaned the space and taped it off. The tape always makes me nervous. If you don't do it right then the paint line will totally off and I know Jon is really meticlous and careful about it so I was feeling that extra pressure to get it right. 

Taping off the linen cabinets was actually really hard. I had to bend back in there Matrix style. After I reenacted it for Jon I him he could call me Neo. 

Then I painted. I'd like to say it wasn't it bad as I thought it was going to be but it was. I was sweating up a storm doing it! I do have a newfound appreciation for all the hard work Jon does around here. Seriously, the best of husbands. 

After I was all done I was exhausted and went to happy hour. I earned that skinny margarita! 

Of course I was excited to show Jon what I had done. He didn't even notice! I had to point it out. He said I did pretty good overall but that I really got the ceiling. Oops. 

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