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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

Jon and I are feeling patriotic today, as we should, and finally got around to proudly displaying the America Flag.

This flag was a gift from Jonathan's brother Andrew who is currently serving in the US Army in South Korea. That makes this flag extra special.

After carefully selecting where to hang to the flag outside our front door Jon attached the flag holder. Even though this product was 100% made in America the screws were not the best quality. After stripping the screws that came with the flag he ended up using some other wood screws that we had on hand.

It came with these clear plastic rings that had screws to attach the flag to the pole.

Then Jon placed the pole into the bracket.

Here is Old Glory next to our patriotic wreath.

A special thank you to Andrew for helping keep our great nation safe!

Jon says: "love you bro!"

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