Poseidon's Post: Drive By Biking

Monday, July 22, 2013

Since Poseidon is now a member of this household we thought we'd let him make guest post appearance every now and then. 

Hi guys! I'm a little nervous to write my first blog post but since my new humans do it all the time I think I'll be ok.

The other night one of my new humans, Jonathan, took me for my walk. We had stopped because there was this light post that smelled really interesting. Then, out of nowhere, I heard this weird noise! I really thought it was some huge monster that was out to kill me and my new human. Not on my watch! I immediately stepped out to attack. 


Next thing I know I'm hit in face. Then my belly. A bicycle ran me over. It's as painful as it sounds especially when you're a little dog. 

My leash, the bike and its rider got all tangled up and Jon lost hold of my leash. I was really scared, a little hurt  and didn't know what to do so I yelped and took off running. I just wanted to get out of there. I ran and ran until I found a good little hiding spot. I needed to regroup. Getting hit by anything with wheels is traumatizing when you are a chipin

After awhile I decided to go back home. I was still scared and just wanted to see my humans. But they weren't there! So I sat and waited. I heard my name being called and all of sudden I see my other human, Berennisse, running back to our house. She scooped me up into her arms and yelled for Jonathan. Apparently they had been out looking for me. I guess they didn't know that I knew my way home. 

They were both really worried so they took me to the vet. The vet checked me out and said I was okay and let me go back to Jonathan and Berennisse. Jonathan looked really happy to see me but Berennisse cried. She cried and cried. But I think she was happy because she kept giving me lots of hugs and kisses.

I wanted to sleep with the humans that night but Jonathan said no. Berennisse and I were both sad. She said I needed puppy cuddles.

Anyway, at first I didn't want to walk past any bikes but now I'm back to barking at them. My humans don't seem to realize how dangerous they are! I keep having to remind them. I'm only barking to try to help!

Poor Poseidon and his drive by biking. 

When Poseidon took off running, Jon chased after him. The cyclist was really freaked out and tried to apologize but Jon was worried about Poseidon. As he was running he turned back to the cyclist and yelled, "not your fault!" After he did some searching on his own he came back to the house and got me. We were circling the neighborhood, calling his name. We were pretty freaked out when we couldn't find him. We didn't know if was hurt or lost. I decided to come back home to get some decent clothes on and there he was just sitting on the porch shaking. Poor puppy. 

Jon & I did a quick check for any cuts but couldn't find any. Since he got hit in the head we decided to take him to the vet just to make sure he was fine. I was totally fine on the drive there and checking him in. But when the vet came out it was game over. The vet said "he's fine" and I just lost it. I cried the entire time we were there. Jon told me Poseidon was fine but all previous unshed tears came out in full force. When Poseidon came out he was still so scared. He just wanted to be held. 

We hoped that he would learn his lesson and be nice to bikes but now he's scared. He barks at all of them like they're going to attack. You can't blame him, one did attack him. 

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