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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Remember how we started to work on our backyard but never finished? Well thanks to my parents we made progress!

My parents had this patio furniture for years. I think they bought it when we first moved into their current home. It came unfinished and my parents painted it a bright peach (my mom's favorite color). A few years later my mom was over the peach and decided on a dark brown that's similar to the style of furniture she has in her home. A few years after that my dad wanted to get rid of it because it wasn't getting a lot of use. So they very kindly sent it our way.

Its currently set up on one side of our backyard like its own lounge area. The outdoor dining table and grill are on the other side. We moved our plants around so the green is spread out a bit. Down the line I'd like to get more faux grass and plants, an outdoor rug and a little table to rest in between the two chairs.

As for the grass that's actually remnants of artificial grass. One of my mom's neighbors installed in at their home and allowed my mom to take the pieces. Jon and I were thinking about getting fake grass. Since the backyard is all concrete there's not really an easy way to lay sod. Plus we'd have to install a sprinkler system. And shove a lawnmower throughout the garage door anytime we Jon needed to mow the lawn. Waaaay too much work. 

So when my mom saw that she could get some for free she jumped all over it. She sent me a photo of her pile and said that now Poseidon could have somewhere to lay down in the backyard. "He loves grass! He needs some in the backyard." Direct quote. Poseidon is so spoiled. 

All I did was lay out the different pieces of grass around the furniture. The big pieces are long and skinny so an "L" layout seemed to be the way to go. It was sort of like making my own grassy puzzle. 

The three of us have definitely gotten more use out of the space since the update. Jon and I sit out there with coffee on Saturday mornings and wine in the evening after work. Ok, once with coffee. Thrice with drinks. But Poseidon spends a lot of time out there. He loves to lay in the grass and chew on his cow toe (yes, a real cow toe). I think he's saying "you caught me and my cow toe!"

We still have a bit more work to do but now that we have more than two chairs we can have guests back there! Weekend barbecue anyone? 

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