Shine A Little Light

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our backyard is a bit of a mess. We started out pretty good by fixing up our cover patio but then we decided to stain the concrete floor and things did not go as planned. Since then we've stayed away but now that summer is almost upon us we know we can't ignore much longer.

My sister gave us new outdoor light fixtures for Christmas. Jon and I really wanted them because the ones that we had previously were not only super ugly but ineffectual. One was one those motion sensors things that people install in front of garages except it was in our backyard facing the wrong way. The other one was a super sized version of the ones we installed. They didn't match and looked so beaten up.

Jon removed the old ones (making sure the power was off and wearing gloves of course) and installed the new ones. The ones are a lot smaller than the ones we had before but I think this size is better since the old ones dwarfed our walls. The entire process took about half an hour. A quick and easy update that actually goes a long way to making our backyard a little bit prettier.