Where'd Those Cables Go?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Finally! No more cables hanging out underneath the TV.

Not impressed? Check out the before. Sorry its a little blurry but you get the idea.

Ever since Jon installed the TV I have wanted those cables out of the way. I hate the way they look. Its just too cluttered. I felt like the mantel was always looking messy and like I hadn't cleaned it. Not cool. Jon and I thought about a lot different options to hide the wires. We can't hide them in the wall since the fireplace is right behind it. We thought about putting the cable box and sound bar (the long skinny black thing) on the floor behind the couch but the cables aren't long enough. Bummer. So it sat as is for almost a year. 

A couple of months ago I bought this cool little product

Its like a plastic channel that slides apart, you attach to the wall and insert the cables. My favorite part about it is that its totally customizable and paintable! I looked a LOT of different options at Home Depot but I didn't want to buy something that adhered to the wall by some sort of glue or stickers. Wouldn't the drywall come off if you wanted to reposition the TV or when we eventually move? Yeah, didn't go with that option. 

It sat in the closet for almost a month. Thus is the Stubblefield way. I finally got around to asking Jonathan to install it. Then he dawdled. Like I said motivation is at an all time low here. But even though we had a crazy busy weekend, my awesome husband made time for this project this weekend. Before football of course. 

First we had to put our brains together and figure out the best way to do this with the limited amount of cord cover we had. The cable box and power strip are pushed all the way over to the right. The cords won't go any longer so the power strip has to sit up there. Unless anyone else has any other suggestions?

We prepped the workspace.

Jon measured and then busted out the hated hand saw to make the first rough cuts.

We used our trusty miter box to cut the two angles we needed. I love the miter box.

Then we painted all the pieces the same color we have in the living room.

After that dried Jonathan screwed the back of the cord covers into the wall. It didn't come predrilled so he had to that first.

He did the cable wall that's coming from the outside first. That was pretty easy since it was all straight cuts and one cable. Jon painted the small part that was visible to match everything else.

The TV cables were a little bit more tricky. We didn't have a cord connector so he cut the strips in 45 degree angles and matched them up. He also had to squeeze two cables in there and do a little paint touch up.

Jonathan was a little really hesitant to do this project because he thought it was going to look terrible (and he knew it would cut into his Sunday sunday plans) but I'm happy to report that I was right ;). It's not noticeable from a distance and even when you are staring at them you can't really tell they're there. My favorite part? The mantle looks so nice and clean!

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