Wee Wee Take Three

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Remember the wee wee dance canvas I made for our guest bath? I made two more for a couple of friends!

One of my friends loved it and asked me to make her one a while back. Well she recently got married and moved to DC with her new husband so I knew I had to get it to her by the wedding. While I was making it my friend who in town asked me to make her one. 

Both of the ladies requested a black and white version. So I painted the canvas white. Yes, the canvas is white but its good to paint a base color to work off because I think it makes the other paint look smoother.

I was really lucky to have a coworker and her husband make me the stencil on their Cricut machine. My back plan was to cut out a template on a piece of card stock with an exacto knife. You could also draw the figures but I'm not that talented. 

I centered the stencil and then used a paint pen to color in the people. I highly recommend the paint pen since regular craft paint will run, your lines won't look as clean and it will required many coats.

Then I took the white paint to touch up the outline.

I went back over it with the paint pen to make sure the outline was as dark as the inside since I'm not really good and painting straight lines. I was waited until it was dry before going back and filling in some of the lighter areas with the black paint pen.

And that's it. I was able to finish the one for my (recently married!) friend as I was getting ready for the wedding. I finished up the other one over the weekend. Its going out to Oregon on Friday!

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