Third Time's The Charm

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First the BIG REVEAL!

Now let's back, back, back it up.

Jonathan and I started this project right after Christmas. We finished at the end of January. Yep, it took almost a month to update the smallest room in our house.

After Plan A- our pedestal sink idea- didn't work out, we opted to buy a new, smaller vanity and sink. We did some shopping comparisons and purchased one from Lowe's. We brought it home and left it in the box. In our dining room. With all of our Christmas stuff. For three weeks. You know while we did this and this.

It's kinda embarrassing to show the world wide web the hot mess that was our house but I keep it real. Our house looks like a disaster zone whenever we are in the middle of a project. This was not our best moment but at least we had an excuse to (keep on) eating on the couch.

We finally decided to get on it and do this thing in the last week of January. Jonathan got back into Handy Husband mode and installed the new vanity. Which he did pretty quickly while I said "I love it! Don't you?" several times.

He hung up the old mirror and we stood back to admire his handy work. And we were not impressed. The vanity was awesome but the mirror looked way uglier than it had before. Time for Plan B- to frame out the mirror a la a thousand Pinterest tutorials (you know, where you cut trim and glue it to the mirror).  We went to Home Depot, spent twenty minutes picking out trim and took it to get cut. Only to be denied. Apparently they (and Lowe's) can only do straight cuts and not the angled ones we needed.

We went back home to wallow in our my defeat. Until Jonathan said that we should just buy a new mirror. He had actually suggested this back when we started brainstorming for this project but I wanted to try to revamp the existing one. AKA I was being cheap.

Obviously that failed and back to Lowe's we went. After some late night wanderings, I selected a pretty new mirror.

Jon picked out a new towel holder. We also wanted a new stand alone toilet paper holder because we didn't want to make holes in our new vanity. Back home Jon installed the new mirror and towel holder. I used a floor vase ($8 from Target!) and stuck some twirly nature-y fillers (Ross is my BFF).

Next was the artwork. Jon and I each picked out a frame on our Ross trip and I made the canvas piece. The rug was a purchase off Joss and Main. Recently we added the glass shelf underneath the mirror to hold the soap and this adorable elephant ring holder my cousin gave us. You can't really see but its cute. Promise. I painted a salad dressing maker thing and stuck some flowers in it  but the door is hiding it. And we are done! It took forever but I am crazy proud of the way it turned out.

One more time- Before & After:

Unfortunately its hard to take good photos because the room is so small and there's no natural light. Obviously an orange bathroom isn't for everyone but we like it. And if we want to change it down the line, its nothing paint can't quickly change.

$350 + 3 weeks = The prettiest orange half bath you ever did see. At least in my humble opinion ;)


  1. What a bright and bold transformation! Y'all should feel very proud of this finished product. The paint on those walls? That rug? That mirror? That canvas that YOU MADE? Wow. If I had a bathroom like this, I'd want to hang out in there all day long. Ha ha!

    The Thinking Closet

    1. Hahahaha! When we first finished it I kept wandering in there to admire it. I think I dragged all of our guests in there to check it out.

  2. I am obsessed with Joss & Main. Though I haven't bought anything off there (yet), I constantly look at all the purdy things.

    1. I love it! Just read carefully about the product. All the fabrics and stuff


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