We Think We're Funny: July 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shocker. Jon & I still think we're funny. And my mom makes a guest appearance.

After seeing this photo:
Jonathan: I look old and tired. I'm decaying already!

Noticing our fully painted wall & our stripe-y wall:
Mom: You guys painted this wall!
Jonathan: It was like that when you came over last weekend.
Mom: Really? Hey! What happened to this wall (looking at the half done wall).
Berennisse: It was like that last weekend. You didn't notice?

When I asked Jon to finish painting the living room:
Berennnisse: Babe, if you buy the paint today I'll finish painting.
Jonathan: No.
Berennisse: Why? I'm trying to help.
Jonathan: You don't do it right.
Berennisse: So you'll paint today?
Jonathan: Sigh. Maybe.

After Jon enters the living room with a glass of wine:
Berennisse: Babe, I said I didn't want any.
Jonathan: I know. Its for me.
Berennisse: Thought you felt nauseated?
Jonathan: Oh, I know its not good idea!

As Poseidon and I are on his evening walk:
Berennisse: Poseidon, sit! Stay, I want to take a photo. (bike whizzes behind us)
Poseidon: (jumps and hides behind his human)

Poseidon: (stares after the rider and snorts) 

After running an errand at Costco:
Berennisse: We can have dinner here if you want?
Jonathan: YES! I love Costco!
(check out the sheer joy on Jon's face)

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