Ready For Guests

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jon and I are hosting one my roommates from college and her fiancé this weekend. Obviously I was excited at the prospect of having them stay with us and immediately said yes to the proposed stay. After I told Jon about it I thought "dude, I gotta clean out that room!" Because it looked like this....

I let that get way too out of control.

It all started when I found this awesome cabinet on Craigslist (thanks for your help dad!) I thought it would be perfect in that closet to hold all our books. We had an old bookshelf of Jon's in there but I felt like it took up too much space.The Craigslist one fit perfectly on one side of the closet so the other side could remain open for guests to utilize. One Friday morning (I don't work Fridays in summer) I moved and organized all the books in the new cabinet. I don't have a before photo but trust me its a big improvement.

The only problem was that I took everything out of the closet to do it. Hence the explosion of the stuff. I can't even blame Jon. I'm the one who removed all the contents and honestly the messier stuff was my craft stuff. In case you can't tell, I have a lot. I told Jon I'm not allowed to buy more stuff for awhile. Sorry Michael's!

I ended up organizing all my craft stuff into the rolling plastic compartment thing. I figure its low enough where guests can hang clothing without it getting in the way. Plus it has wheels so I can wheel it out when I'm working on project. But this is only a temporary solution. That thing is too old (I've had it since college!) and I'd like something that's sturdier since my craft stuff is heavy.

On the shelf is the gift wrapping stuff and some boxes of our personal mementos. Jon and I both have saved ticket stubs from our travels, cards from our families and random stuff thats too special to throw away but we don't really have a place to display it.

Once all the organizing was done (it took two days) I could finally clean and do all the things you do to get your house ready for guests. This part wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't accidentally spilled glitter while organizing my craft stuff. Glitter is so hard to clean up. Even Poseidon had some glitter on him!

By the time you'll be reading this I'll be enjoying the weekend and the company of good friends. Probably with some type of adult beverage in hand.


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