Poseidon's Post: Walk Time!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Poseidon is our chipin (Chihuahua/ Minuature Pinscher mix). Since he’s a big part of our household he likes to give an update on his life every now and then.

Hi guys! My days are pretty relaxing. I get up, pee, eat and then sleep until my humans come home.  Usually one of my other humans (my other mom and uncle don’t live with us but still visit me all the time) will come take me out for a quick break in the middle of the day. But then they leave and I go back to napping.

The existing part of my day starts when my humans come home. First I get eat dinner. And treats! I have to do to some tricks for them but whatever. A treat is a treat! Right? I also get a belly rub or my neck scratched while my mom plays Candy Crush.

Then it’s time for my walk! Paws down, it’s the BEST part of my day. My humans make me wear a harness. Lame. But it’s better than my old choke collar. My humans thought it was mean and they felt bad for my neck even when I was “acting a fool” and pulling on my leash. By the way, those are my mom’s words, not mine. Anyway, when they get it out I know it’s time to go out. I usually get really excited and started jumping really high until they tell me to settle down. Then I have to sit patiently while they get it on. At least they let me sit in their laps while they do it. But still, that’s really hard for me because I’m just so excited to go outside!

When they’re finally done with the harness it’s time for my leash. That part not so bad. I still have to sit but they’re pretty quick about it.

Then we go outside! I get to smell everything! I usually like to mark everything too so other dogs know that this is my hood.

We go up the street and walk by the two angry Chihuahuas that always bark at me. I ignore them most days but if they get to close and bark then I tell to back off.  We turn right past the apartment with five cats and walk in this shaded path for a couple of blocks. My mom says hi to all the other humans passing by but I’m way picker on which dogs I greet. Some of them are cool but others? Not so much.

Sometimes we switch it up and go the opposite way but I don’t like that way as much. Too much grass and not enough trees to mark. But no matter which way we go we always take the same way home. Right in the middle of the community there’s a shaded trail that runs in between all the houses. My mom loves to go that way because it’s not as hot and she thinks it’s really pretty. It even has a bridge!

When my walk is over I’m not sad because it means my dad is probably at home now and I get to say hi to him. Usually it’s my mom who takes me for walks but I really like it when my dad comes too. He lets me smell a lot more stuff than my mom, we stay out longer and I get to walk in between them.

Sometimes we get to take walks other places. This weekend my humans took me on a hike! There were tons of new smells and plants to mark!


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