Wall Half Empty

Friday, July 12, 2013

After almost seven months of continuous home improvement projects things are slowing down at the Stubblefield house. Jonathan needs a break and the sunny days make it hard for us to spend weekends cooped up with a paintbrush. We haven't really tackled any new projects. In fact we only have one ongoing project... finish painting our living room.

Jon started doing a wall at a time.

We started in the entryway (with a quick decorating detour). The plan was to paint the rest of the room a wall at a time. Jon finished the wall that extends to the entryway and opens up in to the dining room first. He removed the air conditioning control, carbon monoxide alarm and doorbell. Can you say gross?

Much better.

As a side note check out what the extreme heat did. This was stuck around the inside of our paint can. Ewwwwwww.

Next up was the wall with our TV. Jon had to take down it and carefully paint around the mantle. We did not want to be touching that up.

After that he started on the last wall! Only to run out of paint.

Yeah, that's been like that for a while now. "Buy more paint" is on my to do list for today. Right underneath "buy a new pair of black flip flops." A certain cute furry nephew of mine decided it made a good snack.


  1. Looking good!!! You should do a chalk board wall!!!! That would look great with the color of your walls!!

    1. Thanks!

      I'd have to convince Jon. Not sure he would be on board with that vision.

    2. Yeah! You basically paint a wall with chalkboard paint (or matte black) and then you can draw on it with chalk! They make the most sense in the kitchen or laundry room or something.


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