Where Are My Keys?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I love that our house has a designated entryway. You need a place to toss your keys when you walk in the door. However, nobody walks in front door anymore. Jon & I don't. Only your guests do and while that's nice for them, its not practical for the people that live there. That's why mudrooms were invented but (like most people) our home did not come with one.

So what ends up happening? When Jon and I come home we toss our stuff on the nearest surface. Jon's stuff ends up on the corner of the couch. My keys end up on the mantle. And my purse lands on the coffee table.

Not the best system. It makes for crazy mornings where you can't find anything and it always looks messy. Sigh.

Since we enter the house throughout the garage and our sliding glass door I wanted to get some kind of console table to go on the other side of the fireplace. That way we'd have a place to put our stuff. I was searching all over for one that was the right dimensions and price. Until I spotted on on a Wayfair Daily Sale for $70.

The only problem was that I was at a work event without my wallet. I really wanted that table and didn't want it to sell out. I immediately texted Jon the link and asked him to buy it. Being the amazing husband he is, he did.

Check it out.

The baskets on the bottom hold my purse and Jon's briefcase. They $6 each from Ross. And they fit perfectly.

On the second shelf are some books and a few of our old yearbooks. Feel free to flip through them and laugh if you come over. On top is a wedding gift from a friend. It's a jar where we are supposed to write down moments from our first year of marriage. Such a thoughtful gift. Next to it is a book I made for Jon of our dating years.

On the other side is a white Chinese dragon statue. Jon bought me a mini blue one in China a few years ago. Its an old Chinese legend that there are two dragons that guard a city and always together. If you buy a pair and give your loved one and keep the other you will always be together as long each person keeps it. Then he told me he wanted to marry me one day. I cried. This statue reminded me of the mini ones we have.

On top of the table is a lamp which was a clearance find from Home Goods for $35.

The other photo book is of all of our engagements photos. In middle is a bowl where we toss our keys.

The candlesticks are from Target (on sale naturally). I have another of each one because I hope to use (all four) them on the dining table at fancy meals. They are open so you can put decorative stuff inside. So far all I've thought of is fake leaves or popcorn kernels for fall. The little box in front is from Kirklands for $2! I should have bought the one that said "coins" on it but right now it has our extra car keys and pool key in it.

The bowl is for us to toss our stuff into.

Since I already owned some of the stuff I didn't spend too much on it. I think the accessories were about $75 total. Which means the whole thing was under $150. I didn't buy it all at once so it doesn't really feel like I spent that much. But I love having a place for all of our stuff.

We need something to hang above it. I was thinking this subway art but I would have to buy a frame and I'm not really looking for one right now. I also think a photo would like but not of us. Too big. Maybe a canvas art piece? Obviously I'm still thinking about.

Anyway, I love our new little baskets. I've been placing my purse in there. Jon still has his briefcase and backpack on the couch. Husbands.


  1. It looks great! We could definitely use a place like this in our home!

    1. Thanks Megan! It definitely gets a lot of use.


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