Halfway Hallway

Friday, August 23, 2013

We're making hallway painting progress!

Big improvement over all the white. 

When I started painting the hallway I discovered how hard it is! I knew that I didn't want to finish on my own so I asked Jon to help me out. Proving himself to best and handiest of husbands he agreed. So early Saturday morning (ok, kind of early) I got up and started prepping the walls. After I removed the pictures and taped everything off we got down to business. I started painting in the middle and Jon did all the edges because he's really particular about getting the lines perfectly straight. Love him. We think Poseidon helped us out since he ended up with paint on him!

Our staircase actually leads into our small hallway upstairs so some parts are two stories high. Obviously this makes it really hard to each some parts of the walls. Currently we don't have a plan on how to reach those areas so we're only painting where our ladder allows. That's why we've only gotten halfway done. So when it came time to paint the highest corner we had to get our ladder out. Unfortunately the landing was not big enough to open the ladder all the way so we wedged in between the wall and the first step and hoped for the best.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Clearly its not safe but Jon thought it would be okay.

Either way we got 'er done. The space is now inviting and warm. Well half of it does.

But I can totally visualize how its going to look when its done and has something on the walls. I still love the color and I can't wait to see how pretty it will look when all the walls done. We just got to figure out how to reach the top of the walls... and by we I mean Jon.

Either way, its still better than before!

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