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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Look what I made this weekend!

Jonathan and I need a lot of stuff. Like matching pillows for our bed. And a dishwasher. This means we don't have a lot of stuff to put on our walls. But acquiring artwork is at the bottom of our massive To Do List... actually it may not even be on it. Anyway its not a priority. We did purchase a cool wall clock and hung a wedding print on our living room wall but it was still pretty bare looking.

I was debating between putting up more pictures but I didn't want to go crazy with the wedding memorabilia. We have a canvas wedding print, a shadow box and our guest book on the walls. A little too much wedding. So when I saw a cool 3D S (for Jon's last name) graphic print at TJ Maxx I knew it would look awesome in our home. Only problem is that it was too small and cost about $20. Not worth the money in my world.

But I had a plan. I knew we had leftover MDF from our Man Cave bookshelf project that was a similar size compared to our wedding canvas print. I went to Joann's (with a coupon of course) and purchased a hollow wooden S that wouldn't look too small on the MDF.

At home I used some basic craft paint and applied two coats of metallic gold to the S. I let it dry for about a... week. Ok, I left it on the coffee table for a week.

Finally I thought I should finish it up / had guests coming over so I picked up a can of black matte spray paint and got to spraying. Once the MDF was all covered and fully dry I brought it back to my crafing area (the couch) and used tacky glue to adhere S to the board. I let that sit for three weeks. Have you noticed we are slackers around here?

This past week I visited the Home Deeps (yep, that's my nickname for Home Depot) again and picked out some wall trim and a miter box.  Jonathan and I don't have a fancy saw yet, so we needed the miter box to help us cut the necessary angles to frame this out.

Since I am a big wuss, afraid of cutting myself and destroying the trim Jonathan helped me measure and cut the wood pieces. We just marked the trim at the edges of the MDF and used those to make our angular cuts. The miter box is really easy to use and has the angles on the box so you know where to cut. Pretty easy.

The next day I gathered up my supplies and went outside (in the blazing heat).

I painted the trim pieces a glossy black.

Once it was dry I glued them to the board and waited for that to dry. I then used some caulk to fill in the open spaces between the trim since it wasn't a perfect fit. After that dried I painted over the caulk to finally have a finished project!

Actually, I was done but Jon was not. Weeks ago I had picked out a cheap framing kit from Michaels for $2.50. Jon used that to add a wire to the back of the frame and FINALLY we were done!

We hung the final product other side of our clock with our wedding. Not bad right? It looks even better in person. This is probably one of my favorite crafts to date because it was super easy, cheap (I already owned most of the materials) and I learned to use a miter box and saw. And I think my version is way better than the TJ Maxx version. Just saying....


  1. Love me a bright and bold monogrammed letter, and yours turned out fabulously. I also love it when a diy project doesn't break the bank, so double score for you!

    The Thinking Closet

    1. Thanks Lauren! I LOVE it. I keep looking at it and tell Jon "its so pretty..."

  2. Super cute! I love monograms...and anything gold. ;)

    1. Thank you!

      Me too. Monogram and gold is like the perfect combination!


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