Jon's Gray-t Weekend

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I was out all day Saturday and came home to this.

Jonathan is the BEST HUSBAND EVER. He also went to store, bought me my moisturizer since he "noticed I was out" and made dinner. Swoon.

We've been steadily working on our place but we haven't really touched anything downstairs aside from our half bath. But all that is about to change since we are excited to make our dining space pretty. 

After some discussion over paint colors (welcome to married life!) we settled on a dark gray for the space. Once we brought it home we had a momentary freak out because it was super dark. Luckily the lovely folks at the Home Deeps added some white to it for free and lightened it up. Crisis averted. 

Then Jon got to painting. 

He prepped the space,

primed the walls,

and painted.

And of course remembered to take pictures to share on the world wide web.

We want to purchase a new dining table and chairs, add shutters and maybe some wainscoting. I also think a mirror and new light fixture are necessary. And of course white baseboards and crown molding. 

Since you all just saw Jon's weekend, I guess I need to share mine (and my brother's).

Again, Jon is amazing. And yes ladies, he's taken. 

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