You See Me Rollin'

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A couple of weeks ago when Jonathan and I tackled our garage project I was in Behr Beast mode. Using power drills. Teaching myself some basic HTML stuff. Designing a new blog header. No biggie.

Ok. Big deal! I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Stepped out of my comfort zone and ROCKED it. Obviously this called for self fives, repeatedly asking Jonathan if he was impressed by me and calling my parents to tell them of my recent accomplishments.

The fun didn't end there. 

Recently Jon and I had discussed making some changes to our backyard. We're thinking less concrete box and more suburban oasis. We have some big plans but one of our smaller projects is to add some green back there. 

Step 1 was to move a plant tree thing from our front porch to our backyard. Jon had tried to move it but its really heavy. I thought we could use our dolly to move it. Unfortunately this required moving it around our building. I didn't want to go through our house and we share walls with our neighbors so the only option was to go from our front door all the way around to our garage. 

Considering how much work we how put it on that day I didn't want to ask Jon to do it. I knew he was tired and I figured that it would be a lot easier with a dolly. Except I forgot that I had to lift the stupid pot on the stoop so I could use the dolly. Have a good laugh and excuse my profanity. 

They see me rollin', they hatin'.

We need a lot more plants back there but at least now there's something other than concrete back there.


  1. How cute are you? I have a stubborn streak, too, Berennisse! Maybe it's the oldest child in me, but I often want to do it myself without any help. I also would have reacted the same way to someone pointing out a red thing behind me. I automatically assume it's a bug that is trying to kill me. After all, I live in Florida now, and we have BIG bugs that merit a freak out!

    The Thinking Closet

    1. I was so freaked out! There were a lot of bugs under the plant so I thought something was on me!


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