The Sinker

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sometimes it feels that just as we fix one problem another pops up. Thursday night Jonathan and I came home from running errands to a leaky sink. I went to take out the trash and noticed the box of trash bags was wet. Immediately a red flag went up and I started to move things around. And once I saw what was awaiting us this was my face...

because this is what I found... 

MOLD. BLACK MOLD. Jon came down to check it out and confirmed my worst fears. We had to clear everything out and move it to the garage (all that stuff will have to super cleaned before it comes back inside). After a quick google search I bust out the gloves and bleach. Jon was a little apprehensive about the bleach for my safety (isn't he sweet?) but I wanted to make sure the mold would DIE. It actually came out easier than I thought it would but I could only scrub a portion of it. The smell of the bleach got to me and my arms aren't long enough to reach to the other end of the cabinet. We opened up all the windows and let it air out before Jon took a turn. He had a little issue and inhaled some bleach. In between gags and coughing he croaked out "This is what I was afraid you were going to do!" But I didn't, you did! Don't worry, he's fine and the mold is gone!

I'm a little concerned that the mold is seeping into the space where the dishwasher is located. See in the photo how the wiring is coming thought the cabinet? That's the dishwasher. Jon removed the stuff underneath it and it appears to be okay but we're debating having someone to come out and look at it. 

Luckily, Jon thinks he found the source of the leak and applied some clear caulking around it. We haven't used it for the last couple of days (I really wanted the cabinet dry out) but we'll probably try it out this weekend and hope for the best! Cross your fingers!

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