We are so Shelf-ish

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Being newlyweds means that we have a ton of mismatching Ikea furniture. Obviously I’m trying to replace and upgrade ALLof our stuff but since we have been doing so much to the Man Cave Jon and I decided to get a new media stand. After our bed frame this is the first piece of furniture we’ve bought. 

The old one was too small and the TV sat way too low.

I had been lusting after one of those bookshelves all over Pinterest that are open and have different compartments. Thanks to Pinterest and my online shopping addiction I found this beautiful (and affordable!) one at Wayfair.com (my new favorite online store just in case you wanted to buy me something). 

The plan was to use as entertainment center but I don’t like when you can see all the cables so I thought it would be cool to cover the back with some painted plywood.

Once it arrived and Jonathan assembled the bookshelf. And it was Home Depot time (again) to get some plywood. They have prepared wood that just had to be cut to size. We selected Packers green paint and I painted the panels. Jon attached them to the back and we were done!

We chose Jonathan’s football helmet, a huge bottle of champagne, our favorite books that makes us look smart and fancy and favorite movies to display. Even though it’s the Man Cave, all of my Harry Potter books and movies and Law and Order: SVU DVDs are on it. Thanks Jon!

Funny story: When Jon was nailing the panels to the bookshelf he kicked me out of the Man Cave because I was telling him (really annoyingly I’ll admit) how I wanted it done. I had to pound on The door for him to let me back in. He has no recollection of the event but I swear that it happened.

Initially we were going to put all of our DVDs on the shelf but we have way too many. Our solution was to build shelves in the closet. The idea was mine and the execution was Jonathan. So does that mean the solution is mine? I just want to give credit where credit is due. ;) 

The closet in this room has a little cut out that’s about 11 by 11 inches. You can’t hang clothes there and that width works really well for DVDs or books. Jon measured and figured out how many shelves we could install. Back to Home Depot. We purchased pretreated white boards (the kind that are made for closets), had the lovely folks at Home Depot cut them to size and used little screws to attach the brackets to the wall and wood. We ended up making trips to two different stores because we cleaned them out of shelf brackets.

Here is the end result:

Total there are 10 shelves and its holding the majority of our DVDs and Jon video games. Best use of an awkward and tiny space.

Now please ignore our mess in the rest of the closet. Thanks!


  1. I personally would have preferred either Steelers yellow or possibly a pic of my face =)
    wouldnt you just love to see my face peeking through that awesome bookshelf turned entertainment center :)
    -Sam :)

    1. I think Jon and I would have to say we prefer your face over the Steelers yellow but its similar to Packers Yellow so.... ;)

  2. I used to have that exact same IKEA stand thing. I think we truly become adults when we start wanting to replace IKEA furniture...

  3. Also, LOVE the shelf you made for the closet. You guys are so damn creative. When we buy a house we'll be coming to you for tips!

    1. Thanks! I love them too. It fits so much stuff.

      We'll be happy to impart our wisdom when the time comes :)


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