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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Would you believe that we got this BRAND NEW table and chairs for $120? And its not from Craiglist.

I love a deal. Seriously. I am one of those crazies that goes out all night on Black Friday. And I will push you out of the way (it's do or die out there!). I hold off on buying stuff if I think it will go on sale. And when I get an AMAZING deal I will tell everyone I know.

I just got our new dining set for almost 90% off. I know! SUCH A DEAL!!!!

After Jonathan painted the dining room last weekend we I talked out how we needed a new dining table. Obviously  I can't go out and buy whatever I wanted. We got bills to pay! Thankfully window shopping is free.

The Monday after Jon painted I had an errand to run right by the JC Penny Furniture Outlet and I decided to stop and see how much a decent table and chairs would be. I figured we could start saving for that. I found this elegant eight seater and thought "that would be perfect..."

But then my little eyes spotted the price tag and I knew destiny had brought us together.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Original price $350. Sale price $70. The only thing stopping me from buying it on the spot was making sure it would fit in the space and that Jon liked it. With an affirmative answer to both those questions I called up my favorite shopping buddy (my mom) and made a date to return the next day.

Luckily the table was still there (once its gone, its gone) and we quickly found a lady to stick a sold sticker on it.

That's when things got interesting. My mom asked why I wasn't buying the chairs. I explained I had shown Jon pictures of the chairs I liked but the side chairs were $50 for the pair and the arm (ones at the heads of the table) chairs were $100 for the pair. $200 for 6 chairs isn't bad but Jon and I weren't looking to spend that much since we got other plans for right now.

I won't tell you exactly what went down (mother-daughter secrets) but she convinced me to get the chairs! We were in the process of looking for the nicest ones (they're sold as is) when I spotted a pair with a lower price in the corner. $30 for a pair

The saleswoman said that those were cheaper because you had to assemble it yourself. I shouted (louder than my normal loud voice) "I got a handy husband! I'll take 6!"

The original total would have been $350 for the table, $450 for the pair of arm chairs and $700 for 4 side chairs = $1550. My total? $70 for the table + $90 for the 6 chairs = $171 with taxes. BUT I still had $11 on a gift card (we used the rest to buy our bed frame) which brought my total to $160. Killer deal!

Oh but I said I got all this for $120? It's because I sold our old table and two chairs for $40 to a coworker. $160 - $40 = $120.

We had to live in a mess of boxes and tables for a couple of days...

but its SO worth it now.

This is one of the best deals I've ever gotten. All that, brand new, for $120? Unbelievable. People sell stuff for way more on Craigslist and its used. If you're not shopping at the JC Penny Furniture Outlet and you live locally you are missing out. If you do decide to check it out please note that I will push you out of the way if you try to buy something I want. Told you I get Black Friday crazy.

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