Stuck Sliders & Caricatures

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chances are, on any given weekend, you can find us at either Home Depot or Lowe's. Doesn't it seem like all our weekend are full of home improvement-ness? But it's not just our weekends that are consumed with DIY stuff. Every now and then a weeknight becomes a house night. Case in point this random (Wednesday?) evening.

Our sliding screen door to the backyard is an old beaten up thing that never stayed on the track. It would get stuck whenever we tried to open it and sometimes if we were carrying stuff back and forth (like laundry) we would just kick it down, do whatever we had to do, and then prop it back up.

One night Jonathan finally had enough and decided he was going to fix it. He grabbed a screwdriver and the hammer to try to fix the sliders on the bottom of the screen. Apparently the rollers on the bottom and the top of the screen were not extended enough leaving a lot of wiggle room for the screen to fall off the track. Yeah... I'm not sure what all that means but I do know Jon fixed it.

Sliding Door from Berennisse Behr on Vimeo.

Meanwhile I was going through the enormous pile of stuff we brought into house after our massive garage cleanup day. Jon would like to point out that yes, that is a copy of Doom 2 on the top of the pile in case you were wondering. (Remember that!?)

I am a firm believer that the garage is the cars'  bedroom. I will never understand how people choose to store tons of miscellaneous stuff over an investment that's thousands of dollars. Protect the car! Those boxes won't get you to work! The only things that should be in a garage are cars, sporting equipment, tools and holiday decorations.

If something (other then the afore mentioned items) means enough to you that you want to keep it should find a place in your home. That's what I was doing with the pile. Until I found this!

This is a caricature of Jonathan and I in 2008. Jonathan's Granddad has an annual Christmas party and an artist was the entertainment that year (past years have had fortune tellers, palm readers...). We had been dating for a little over a year so I guess this a funny version of our younger selves.

Our walls are pretty bare and I find myself making stuff to hang on them. So far I've made a wedding shadow box, 3D guest book, wee wee dance canvas and a framed monogram. Luckily this was a lot easier and free since I had old frame that seemed to be the right side for the caricature. I just removed the photos of my sister and I (sorry seestor) and trimmed off the top and bottom of the paper. Done!

We hung it next to a framing grid made up of frames that sat on all the tables at our wedding. I'm sure we'll change it out on day (you might make it back seestor!) but for right now it works.

And that's how you spend a midweek evening when you're us. 

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