Fit for a King... & a Queen

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hello new king sized memory foam mattress!

Goodbye old uncomfortable Ikea bed!

Really not sorry to see you and your broken slats go.

During our house search, one of Jonathan's absolute must haves was to find a master bedroom that was big enough to accommodate a king sized bed. Just another reason we chose our condo. We had been sleeping on Jonathan's old queen bed with my full size sheets. Classy. For our wedding we registered and received fancy king sized bedding. (Thanks again to my parents, Jon's mom and my Tia Pierina!) Unfortunately although we had the bedding we did not have the bed. We wanted to wait to find the right one at the right price.

I like to visit my favorite stores regularly and stroll the clearance aisles in case I find a good deal (doesn't everyone do that?). Right before Thanksgiving I dragged Jon into the JC Penny furniture outlet on one of my trips. We got lucky on our first scouting trip. The bed frame was front and center saying "Please take me home!" How could I resist? Not only it is pretty, its incredibly solid and durable. A far far cry from our old Ikea bed. Luckily we received a gift card to JC Penny (Gracias Tia & Primos!) as a wedding gift so we able to get it for F R E E. My favorite price!

Problem was we couldn't fit the bed frame, even in pieces, in one of our cars. We figured it would be super cheap to get it delivered because we live 7 minutes down the street. WRONG. The delivery company wanted to charge us $300. HECK NO. Thieves.

It ended up being way cheaper for us to rent a U Haul and do it ourselves. Once we got it home we stuck in our garage for almost 5 months until our tax refund (speaking of thieves) came in and we started mattress shopping.

Also mattress shopping? Not that fun. Its not like something pretty I can wear but its necessary. Sort of like buying pots and pans.

Eventually we did find a find memory foam mattress at Sam's Club (of all places). The difference between our mattress and traditional mattress is the lack of metal springs. Our bed totally molds to your body. And because its firm you can't feel the other person moving at all. Heaven. The best part is the cooling gel technology which prevents us from getting too warm, especially since the weather is heating up (It was 102 degrees last Sunday at 11:30 am!).

Before we could sleep on it we had take apart our old bed, assemble the new one and "inflate" our mattress. - A HUGE thank you to my brother for hanging out at our house all day waiting for the mattress to be delivered. You are the best bruder I have.

When we got home from work we were really surprised at how small the mattress and box springs boxes were. Not all what we were expecting but it made moving them a lot easier. We dragged/pushed/pulled the boxes upstairs and opened up the mattress. As soon as Jon removed the plastic wrapping the mattress sucked in a ton of air and began to fatten up. Doesn't it look so weird compressed into a tiny plastic lump?

After I was done prematurely trying out the mattress, Jon took apart our old bed and we moved it to the garage. We moved the big boxes containing our new bed frame upstairs. Since it required both of us there aren't any photos of us in action. You can see by the size of the box above how big it was and you can only imagine how heavy it was!

I tried to do my part to put the bed together but I was more hindrance that help. Typical. I did hand Jon some tools and read the instructions out loud but after he accidentally hit me (twice!) I was done. Clearly I was no help so I got in the shower and when I came out it was all done!

Like magic. If magic = Jonathan. I did help him move the new mattress onto the bed and the old one to the garage.

The new bed is the best thing to happen to us in 2013. That's a bold statement but its true. I didn't realize how bad the old bed was until we got this one. We slept so good we woke up in the same position we fell asleep in. And the new bedding makes me feel like I've brought Macy's home with me. Minus the pillows. We're working on those.

We ended up putting our new bed right where the old one had been (see failed layout change above). Since this bed is a lot bigger than our old one we have to change things around in here. The other furniture is too big for the space and we need to update that. I think our next projects will be to paint, rectify the mismatching nightstands problem and address the storage situation for all our clothes. Plus we still need all the make-it-pretty stuff like frames, rugs and lamps. More reasons to repeatedly wander through the clearance sections at all my stores....

But really, such a big improvement!


  1. Congrats on the new bed and mattress! When Mark and I got married, we opted for a king, as well...and found an awesome deal at Macy's on a mattress and box spring. The bed frame, on the other hand, DOESN'T EXIST! Or at least, we don't have one yet (ahem, four years later). I'm sort of ashamed to admit that outloud here in blogland, but oh well. Just doin' my job to keep it real. Mark has grand plans to build us a bed frame out of reclaimed wood (we love that look), but I might have to find a JC Penny outlet near us and do some hunting for a deal like the one you found. She looks loverly all dolled up in her bedding!

  2. Thanks!

    That's sad! No frame? I highly recommend the outlet. I just scored our new 7 piece dining set for 90% off!


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