We Think We're Funny: May 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Someone once told me couples that laugh together, last together. Luckily Jonathan and I think we're hilarious!

While we were working on the cover patio...
Jonathan: Babe. What are you doing?
Berennisse: Why you worry about Behr? Don't worry about me!
Jonathan: You're my wife! I have to worry about you.

Berennisse: Babe, rub my belly.
Jonathan: Rub your belly?
Berennisse: Yeah, like a Buddha! A Behr-da!!!

Jonathan: For my birthday can you buy me a squirrel suit?
Berennisse: Like "Hey little buddy! Want a nut?" suit?
Jonathan: I see how you can think that.... (Proceeds to explain what it really is) but if you got me what you were thinking I'd probably rock that!

Berennisse: Jon! Kate (my Kate Spade purse) is on the floor!
Jonathan: Kate was in the way. She's fine.
Berennisse: Kate is NOT OKAY.

When I bought our new dining table and chairs...
Jonathan: Hey babe, did you get the table?
Berennisse: Yeah! But guess what? Those chairs I liked? The ones I thought were $100 for the pair? They were way cheaper!
Jonathan: Oh, how much were they?
Berennisse: $30 for the pair!!!!
Jonathan: You bought six, didn't you?
Berennisse: They're in the car right now!

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