Remember The Hallway?

Friday, November 8, 2013

The one we started painting but never quite finished all the way back in August? Well we finally got around to the finishing it!

If you recall we left off here:

With only two walls painted. Since our hallway contains stairs and a nice big vaulted ceiling its impossible to reach the top of the walls with a regular ladder. When we initially started the project we figured we'd just do what we could until we found a taller ladder. In the midst of Halloween decorations, Poseidon's hospital stay and preparing for our European vacation it got pushed to the back of our minds. Until we decided to host Thanksgiving this year.

There was no way I was letting guests into our home with a halfway painted hallway. I mentioned this to a coworker whose boyfriend has a variety of ladders and was willing to let us borrow one (thanks guys!). So I bought it home from work on Friday and Saturday Jonathan got to painting.

He prepped the floors, cleaned the walls and positioned the ladder. Since the ladder leaned against the wall he started at the top and worked his way down.

In order the reach one the walls he did have to lean dangerously over the edge of the banister.

And in the end we have a completed painted hallway!

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