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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I LOVE decorating for the holidays! Seriously. I get it from my mother who usually puts up THREE Christmas trees (last year she only did two since I took one of the trees with me when I got married). What I can I say? It runs in the family! Normally I'd be pulling out the Christmas stuff from the garage but since Jonathan and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year (which I am super excited for) I wanted to have a fall-y feel to our home.

It all started with Target. I went in for my biweekly visit while Poseidon was at the groomers. Yes, I schedule my Target visits and no, I don't think that's weird. I prowl the the clearance sections waiting for stuff to go on sale. Doesn't everyone do that? Anyways... I found a metallic gold pumpkin that was originally intended as a outdoor candle holder on sale for half off. You know I put that straight into the cart. I also found a pumpkin scented candle shaped like a pumpkin and a leaf decorative plate.

Since Poseidon still wasn't done I head over to HomeGoods. All of the Halloween stuff was deep discounted and I found large glass pumpkins on sale for $3.50 and $2.50!!!!! I befriended another shopper and between the two of us we took home all of the clearance pumpkins. Obviously I didn't buy all the pumpkins for myself. I shared with my mom and cousin. Duh.

Once I got home I started decorating. The dining table was the easiest place to start. I pulled out a red runner that I got on super sale from Kirkland over the summer and added three pumpkins in the middle. I made the twine wine bottles by glueing some twine (from Hobby Lobby) around them. I already had the wine bottles and the twine cost me around $6 total thanks to a coupon. I wanted to spell out fall on the bottle but never did... maybe next year. I'm thinking about adding some faux fall flowers or leaves into the wine bottles to add some height and visual interest but we'll see if I ever get around to it.

The leaf platter went on the coffee table with some natural wood looking balls. I placed a few faux leaves underneath so there would be some color.  I moved the candlesticks from the dining table to the coffee table. Inspired by Pinterest I used twine to secure leaves to the candles. To keep it from being too monochromatic I placed my new shiny orange pumpkin in the middle.

My mom gave me a ton of faux fall leaves and since we were about to have guests arrive I stuffed them into a red vase on the side table. They're right next to a wedding photo frame that I have yet to fill.

Our console table is a little less decorated. But it did have a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to me by Jonathan's mom and her fur baby.

The fireplace mantel also received a mini makeover. Since our TV is mounted over it I can't really do too much but I relish any opportunity to use some wire mesh to hide our cable boxes. The banner is my favorite (after all the pumpkins). I wish I could take credit for it but it was made by a couple of my student employees. They cut out the circles and made a font template to add the letters. So pretty.

And that's step one of many on my Thanksgiving To Do List. The only other thing for Thanksgiving I wish I had was a turkey costume for Poseidon. But I don't think he'd ever forgive me!

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