A Witch, Bat & Walter White

Monday, November 18, 2013

Check out the Stubblefields on Halloween 2013!

I was a witch (with Minnie Mouse ears), Poseidon was a bat and Jonathan was Walter White from Breaking Bad. Obviously Jonathan's costume was the best. He came in second place at his office costume contest and even grew out his mustache. Way to commit babe!

I may have gone overboard with Poseidon's Halloween attire. He was rocking his pumpkin shirt leading up to the holiday (you know,  just to get into the spooky spirit). He also had his costume. They were a pair of bat wings attached to a harness. They moved up and down as he ran around. And of course he had his post Halloween shirt. 

My cousin and her husband had a Halloween dinner for the family. We had terrifying tacos for dinner and for dessert we had peach schnapps jello that came in the form of a brain. 

Since Halloween is my cousin's favorite holiday her and her husband go allll out making a haunted house. We were just on hand to help give out candy and to admire their hard work! They hung body parts on the porch, added some red lights and a fog machine. 

They had a crazy skeleton driving a car. This was actually very popular amongst the Trick-or-Treaters and some people even posed with the skeleton. 

There was also a huge spider web with a gigantic spider but I didn't get a photo. Obviously its my cousin's favorite holiday and I'm really excited to see what she'll do next year since Halloween falls on a Friday! Poseidon just asks that I chose a less embarrassing costume. 

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