We Think We're Funny: June 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Jonathan and I shared some of our funny (at least to us) conversations last month. We liked it so much we decided to do it again each month from now on.

Until we no longer think we're funny....

In regards to our shutter project:
Jonathan: This is the worst project we've ever done! This is my most hated project so far.
Berennisse: What was it before?
Jonathan: Nothing. I knew this was waiting for me.

Discussing watching The Last Stand & painting the entryway:
Jonathan: Want to watch the movie and then paint?
Berennisse: Why don't we watch the movie while we paint?
Jonathan: What! I'm not going to paint while I watch Schwarzenegger. He deserves my full attention!

While cleaning our bathroom:
Jonathan: Your hair is beautiful but its from the devil!

After viewing our shutter recap video:
Berennisse: My favorite part is where you said, "got your approval."
Jonathan: I said that? Damn.

While assembling the dining chairs:
Berennisse: Babe, why do two of those chairs have holes on the seats?
Jonathan: They were $15! They're cheap.
---Two days later---
Berennisse: Do you think those holes on the chairs are where the arms go?
Jonathan: Ohhhh, you're right!

After I caught him wearing his birthday cheesehead while playing video games:
Berennisse: Why are you wearing your cheesehead?
Jonathan: I just felt like wearing it.
Berennisse: Isn't it too early for football?
Jonathan: Its never too early for football!


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