The Most Expensive Things In Our Home

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our previously blank area above the desk is now showing off our diplomas!

Yes, they are the most expensive things in our home. The retail price on those little pieces of paper is almost $250,000. Nope, that's not a typo. Almost a quarter million dollars went into our brains!

They'd just been filed away in the desk. Lame! We worked really hard to earn those so I really wanted to get them up on the wall. My parents had framed both of my degrees and had given them to me to have at work right after I finished my Master's. When Jon and I bought this place I took them home to display. I completely forgot about them until I found Jon's diplomas when we were cleaning out the garage. Yes, they were in the garage. Probably in this pile somewhere.

Since my parents had gotten the frames from Costco I was thinking that there was a pretty good chance they would have more. Instead they had some that were super similar so I bought those thinking we could frame the diplomas by his and hers. As soon as I got them home, I tried to slip Jon's diplomas in there but they were too big! By just a tiny bit (doesn't it always happen that way?). My mom suggested cutting the diplomas!!!! NOT going to happen. Jon would have a heart attack if I cut those up so I made color copies of them and cut up the copy.

That sat on the dining table for a week. That's our thing. Leave things out for a while until I feel like getting on it. Then I end asking Jon to help me do whatever it is that needs to get done. It took me forever to get our framed monogram done.

One night after work (just another exciting evening! Kind of like this one.) Jon and I finally got around to hanging them. We decided that a small framing grid would look best. I must have had Jon hold and it at a few different heights until I decided it was perfect. Then Jonathan hung them up.

And we hated them. Exactly the way we felt about the old ugly mirror in the half bath.

Top: My MPA from Cal State San Bernardino & Jon's MBA from Claremont Graduate
Bottom: My B.A. in History from the University of Redlands
 & Jon's B.S. in Business Administration (Finance) from San Diego State
Those frames are too small for the space. We'd prefer something bigger, maybe with a mat. I also think the color is too similar to the paint and it all blends together. They just look blah. They don't really stand out and look the opposite of impressive. Sooooo now I'm back to searching for four bigger and better ones. But you know its hard to find four matching of anything at Ross. In the meantime these will just remain as is.

Goes to show (once again) that not everything we do around here is a success. Remember Jon's battle with the sink, my stenciling debacle and the shutters? But it's still better than a big blank wall. At least those diplomas are up!

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