The Shutter Story: The Surprise

Monday, June 24, 2013

Thursday Jonathan & I came home to this:

Can't tell the difference? Let me show you the old one.

My parents totally surprised us with beautiful brand new shutters in our dining room. Remember how Jon and I had DIY'd some customizable ones from Home Depot? Well neither one of us were 100% happy with the end result. We were just glad that we were able to use them at all after the big mistake with the circular saw. 

After we had finished installing them my mom asked if I would replace them. I said "No, but I wouldn't get these for the other windows!"

Luckily my parents ignored me and ordered this behind our backs! I guess my mom had met the shutter man while we were at work. Sneaky. But so awesome. 

I didn't even notice when I got home from work. When Jon got home I met him in the garage. All of a sudden he asked "Babe, why are the shutters in the garage?" Cue my totally shocked and throughly confused face. "What? What are you talking about?" Jon starts to point at a corner of our garage. "The shutters are here. The shutters I installed. Look!" 

We looked at each other in bewilderment. Then I asked "Did they fall?" When we went to check the window we (finally) saw the new ones. Once the shock and confusion subsided I knew it had to have been my parents. We called them up and my mom tried to play it off at first. Then she asked how we liked it and said it was Jon's birthday present. 

It may seem like a strange gift but Jon (and me!) really loves the way it looks. He said and I quote "It makes our house look beautiful." I'm a huge fan too. Its a lot less busy looking than the old ones and it has the trim around the window which makes it look a lot more finished. And since we had been thinking about replacing it down the line, it saves a ton of cash since it our second biggest window.

A million thanks to the best parents! Such a lovely and thoughtful surprise. 


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