Haunted Mason Jars

Friday, September 6, 2013

Today I got my Fall craft on.

Yes, I know its still feels like summer outside! But if stores already have Christmas stuff on display then its not its  not too early for fall stuff... right? Labor Day is kind of the unofficial official end of Summer anyway. Fine! I know its early but I can't help that I'm excited for the holiday season. 

I digress, back to the Mason jars. Since its still too early for Christmas decorations I've been focusing on fall decorations. I wanted to make some sort of Halloweeny craft with candles. After scouring Pinterest and blogland I decided to take some old spaghetti jars and paint them. All I did was take a some basic craft paint and painted the inside of jars. Its pretty simple. You just drop some paint into the jar and roll it around. Once its completely covered you flip it upside down so the excess paint can drain out. 

I didn't do a good job with the paint in the jars on purpose because I wanted to look old and cracked to go with the Halloween theme. Once it was dry, I took a black paint pen and outlined "haunt" on the jars. Then I placed some tea lights inside and light them up!

Only to find out that the effect I was going for with the paint didn't turn out as I expected. Ugh. Its frustrating but its an easy fix. So I added more paint and the jars are dying as I type... 

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