Manly Makeover

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When we first moved in the extra bedroom was a catchall. We just tossed stuff in there and closed the door. However, being the awesome (and modest) wife that I am, Jon & I decided to turn that room into Jon's man cave. See I really don't mind football, in fact I've become a full fledged Packers fan but I HATE the Lakers. And I don't really want video games in our bedroom or living room SO Jon gets a man cave. Maybe in our next home I'll get a craft room where I can watch Law and Order: SVU marathons. A girl can only hope....

All the walls in the house are terrible. Whoever painted in here last just threw paint up on the walls. I don't think they covered anything. There's paint on the fixtures, mirrors and trim. The last couple of rooms we've done haven't been too bad with the gross old paint but the man cave was in rough shape. The outlet plates were painted to the wall. We ended up cutting them off the walls. See that huge chunk of dried paint? Ugh.

Luckily the rest of the painting on Saturday went by pretty quickly. Thanks Dad & Erick!

Sunday morning Jonathan and I replaced all the outlet plates with new ones and moved all the furniture back. At this point I was a little concerned the color was too dark for all the black furniture in the room but figured I'd better wait until all the artwork was on the walls before totally freaking out and telling Jon we needed to change something. I was off work today (thanks Cesar Chavez!) and decided to try to hang the frames myself. When I told Jon what my plan for today was he seemed a bit skeptical but I assured him if it was too heavy or something I'd wait for him instead of poking a bazillion holes in the wall. 

I have been slowly accumlating manly artwork. Which is harder than it sounds. We wanted cool, not tacky and I think we chose pretty well. I bought two beer related prints and added some Green Bay Packers inspired pictures and art. My personal favorite is a green and yellow map of Lambeau Field. I also painted an old football helmet picture collage Jon's dad gave him years ago white. 

I laid everything out on the futon and then just started eyeballing it on the wall. I started from the middle and worked my way out. I didn't measure at all. I just went by what I thought looked good. 

Jonathan wasn't on board at first but I think it's because he was seeing it via text and it just looks so much in better in person. 

I LOVE the way it turned out. There's only picutre that's missing and sadly its my favorite. The frame came with the little hook to hang it but it's not attached to the actual frame. I was afraid of denting it or somehow ruining the glass (because that's totally somethng I'd do) so I left that one for Jon to do. Hopefully he'll hang it tomorrow and the man cave will be almost done!

Isn't it pretty? But in a manly way, right? 

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