Wrench in the Shower

Saturday, March 30, 2013

HUGE thank you to my parents and brother for coming over to help us Jonathan paint the Man Cave today! Mom and I especially enjoyed our mini shopping trip. Yeah... we went shopping while the men were hard at work. Our intent was to go on a food run but we can't help a bargin. I did buy Jon a cool motorcycle though. See, I was thinking about him ;)

Apparently painting wasn't enough for Jonathan today. After everyone had left and he was washing away all the paint he asked me to bring him a wrench. While he was in the shower. The showerhead was loose and he figured that was a good time to fix it. Strange timing but no time like the present I guess. 

He also fixed a crooked/loose cabinet door in our bathroom. He was in the home improvement zone today. LOVE IT. 

Tomorrow we'll show you how the Man Cave turned out. We're too tired to do it tonight!

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