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Thursday, April 25, 2013

As we were getting the blog started Jonathan mentioned that he is the "Star of the Blog." I laughed and said "No! The house is!" But once I got to thinking about it I realized he's right.

This blog is about all the things we do to our home but nothing would be possible without him. He is the fixer of leaky sinks, official painter, designated spider killer, heavy item lifter, idea feasibility checker and Home Depot shopping companion. He's pretty awesome and my favorite person EVER. Not only does he listen when I say "You know what we should do..." but he helps me make all my pinspiration dreams for the house come true.

I love the man and am so happy (deliriously) to be married to my best friend, love of my life, and handiest husband. So, in honor of my other half and our 6 month (!) wedding anniversary Saturday, I've added "The Newlyweds" page where you can look at some photos of us throughout the years including our wedding video and photos. One stop stalking! Kidding... but you know you're going to look.

Since this is very lovey dovey post and not really related to our on going home improvements, I'm sharing our in-a-perfect-world-where-time-and-money-are-no-object To Do List on a new "The House" tab. (Does that get us back on track? Probably not.) We'll be updating the photos as we go!

To celebrate 6 months of wedded bliss we're opening a nice bottle of wine we got on our honeymoon in Napa. We're fancy like that.

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