The Dust Bowl

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On Monday I showed you guys our efforts from the first day of floor remolding project.

Yup, that's what we woke up to on Sunday. I had gone to Home Depot the previous evening to buy those big bags of trash bags (the ones that open up . Unfortunately they didn't have any so I had to settle for some big heavy duty trash bags.

As soon as I got up on Sunday I started to clean up. At first I just started putting big pieces into our trash can but that got full really fast. And it was super heavy. We had a couple of big boxes in our garage so I filled those up. There was still a ton of tile! Next I tried to use the trash bags. That didn't work out well since all the jagged long pieces poked holes in the bags. Tile is really heavy so I could only fill up the bags part of the way. In the end I broke up every tile square with hammer and gathered all the tiny pieces into the trash bags. It took forever.

Once we got all the fragments cleaned up we had to remove all the grout that was still stuck to the floor.  According to Jon this was a really important part of the project because we wanted all of our floors to be level when we were done. Always one for the details Jonathan wanted to absolutely sure the grout was gone.

My brother and mother came over to help us and between the four of us we started to remove the grout by hand. We had two scraper things and a two sets of hammer and chisels that we all took turns using. It was exhausting work. We were wiped out. I don't think my arms have ever hurt so bad. And we didn't really make that much progress. The only room we were able to completely de-grout- ify (yes, that's a real word) is the dining room.

The next day (it was Veteran's Day weekend) we decided to see if there was any liquid hat we could use to soften up the grout. Jon called Home Depot and to our shock and joy they did! He drove down to get some only to find out the person on the phone lied to us. Cruel, cruel lies.

Not wanting to come home empty handed Jonathan rented a huge power orbital sander. BEST TOOL EVER.

It allowed us to sand away the grout and left us with the smooth finish of the original concrete. My mom and I followed him around keep the cord out of his and sweeping up the super fine sand left behind. See the circles of the machine?

See how much sand was left behind? 

We had all the windows open and our fans on exhaust to help to get rid of the dust.

 We also wore googles and masks...

 but still dust got everywhere! In our ears, nose (so gross) and hair.

And that was our long weekend. Demo and dust. Dust everywhere. All of our furniture in the garage. A kitchen closed off by plastic tarps. Our house looked like a tornado had hit. And since the weekend was over we had to leave it until the next weekend. 

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