The Year In Review: 2013

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Even though it's the first day of 2014 I still don't feel like a whole year has passed. Compared to 2012, this year was a year of settling in. 2012 was a year of change; we got engaged, bought our first home and got married. 2013 wasn't as crazy but it was still exciting. Poseidon came to live with us and we finally took our long awaited European honeymoon.

I dislike doing the traditional resolutions for the new year. You know... lose weight, save more money... but I still like making a resolution. I try to come up with ones that I can actually keep and ones that will actually make my life better. A few years ago my resolution was to be more adventurous. That year I went in a hot air balloon (big deal when you're scared of heights) and shot a gun. This year my resolution is to be more present in the moment. I want to stop stressing the small stuff and just enjoy the moments as they happen. I mean is it really a big deal if the dirty dishes are still in sink?

Anyway if you want to see how 2013 went for us you can check out our monthly roundups here.

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