Monday, January 13, 2014

The last part of our European Honeymoon I shared was our day at Oktoberfest. Obviously we didn't just go to Munich and drink. We also did some sightseeing.

The second day we were there we went to Dachau. Located a few miles outside of Munich, Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp and is now a state run memorial site. Dachau opened in 1933 when Hitler rose to power. At first Hitler used it to hold his political prisoners and then all enemies of the Third Reich. It has also the distinction of being the training camp of for the SS. All of the worst leaders of SS spent time there.

They're torn done all but one of the barracks but you can still see some of the old sleeping quarters and grounds. When we were there we noted how close was it was to the town. Jonathan and I were shocked to see that German people could deny knowing what was actually going on at the camp. Also it was so cold while we were there and it wasn't even winter time. It really made us picture the type of horrible conditions the camp's prisoners were subjected to.

We also did a little sightseeing in actual city itself. It was really cold that day and we had do a little souvenir shopping so we didn't get a lot of photos but here a few of my favorites. 

And that concluded our time in Munich. Next Salzburg!

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