Sliding Out The Trash

Monday, March 24, 2014

I don't think I've ever been so excited about a trash can before.

When we moved in Jon and I had a hard time deciding where to put our kitchen trash can. Our kitchen is on the small side and there's not really a good place for it to go that wouldn't block one of the cabinets. The only place that seemed to make sense and looked the best was under our sink. However, the plumbing underneath prevented us from getting a normal sized trash can. So we've been dealing with a tiny one that hardly holds anything.

I've been slowly but surely reorganizing our kitchen and Jon had already removed a shelf from one of cabinets to accommodate our blender. I thought we could do the same thing to the cabinet next to the dishwasher and install a sliding trash can. We figured this would allow us to get a bigger trash can and save us trips to garage.

So we went off to Lowe's (with a Christmas gift card!) and picked out this one. 

The cool thing about this brand is that they have various sizes depending on the depth and width of your cabinet. This made it so easy for us to pick out the one we wanted without worrying that it wouldn't fit.

First Jon had to clear out the cabinet and remove the shelf in the middle. This part actually took longer than the installation. Kitchen cabinets are obviously built to hold a substantial amount of weight so it's attached to the base really well. Also the shelf itself was larger than the open so Jon had to cut into pieces before he could get it out of the cabinet.

Then he finally started installing the track.

Once Jon was done we could finally start using our bigger and better and trash can. We decided to keep the other small trash can for our recycling. Originally we wanted to get track that could hold two trash cans but our cabinet depth didn't allow us too. At least this one had a neat little compartment for the trash bags and a handle for us to be able to move it.

Jon's part was done but I still had to find new places for everything that used to be housed in that cabinet. AND deal with all the sawdust. But I love our new trash can... as much as a person could love a trash can.

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  1. Why are there no pictures of Stubbley-Butt? I know he had to have been sticking his nose in curiosity.


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