Poseidon's Post: My Room

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Poseidon is our chipin (Chihuahua/ Minuature Pinscher mix). Since he’s a big part of our household he likes to give an update on his life every now and then. 

So parents have gone on and on about their new floors. Personally I wasn't as excited as my mom. I had to spend a lot of time outside or upstairs away from the dust because my mom said she didn't want my little lungs to inhale any dust. But really she did not like my dusty paw prints on the bed. 

The best part of the whole ordeal was when the floors were done and I could once again the roam the house. The second best part was that my room got a mini makeover. Yes, you read that correctly I have my own room. Laugh if you want but I'm an only child. I know I'm totally spoiled. 

Anyway it's not really a whole room. The area under the stairs is open so my parents stuck my downstairs bed, toys and food dishes there. My mom said my stuff is not decoration and doesn't have to be out in the open so she stuck all my stuff there. The couch blocks the entrance except for a tiny Poseidon sized gap so it is actually pretty private. My mom also added some wall art because that's what she does. 

Pretty cool right? 

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