Poseidon's Post: They're Back

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Poseidon is our chipin (Chihuahua/ Minuature Pinscher mix). Since he’s a big part of our household he likes to give an update on his life every now and then. 

You guys... THEY'RE BACK! My humans are home!!!!! In case you guys didn't know my people left to go a wedding and then a delayed honeymoon. At first I was like what is "vacation?" Then I found it out it meant my humans got to away and I had to stay behind. Ummmm NOT COOL.

Then my dad said I was going to go visit my Grandma (his mom) and her dog, my Uncle Henry! It was pretty cool. Uncle Henry took me under his and taught me how to flirt with the lady dogs next door and bark at the garbage truck. Obviously we had a ton of fun. 

After a few days I went to stay with my mom's family They had gone with my parents to New York. I was really excited when I got picked up and we went to my other Grandma's house. I got sleep in two different beds and got tons of cuddle time. I also followed my Grandpa around because he always had food. 

As great as my vacation was nothing beats going home. When my (human) uncle took me home I was excited but then I realized my parents were inside! To say I was excited was understatement. I really wanted to get inside so I tried pulling on my leash to get inside faster. Once I saw my parents I ran over to them and started giving them kisses. Then I ran around the living room, jumped on them, gave more kisses and rolled over for belly rubs. Then I did it again! I really missed them. 

Now things are getting back to normal. We all unpacked and got back to our routine. Mom and Dad went back to work and I resumed my napping schedule. It's good to be home. 

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